Rhéal Cenerini

Dramaturge, poète, auteur
Playwright, poet, author


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Extraits / Excerpts

B. Poésie / Poetry


Éclot le printemps,
Et l’écho de vous,
Ô tendres époux
Qui me manquez tant,

Résonne au matin –
Lorsque le soleil
De rayons vermeils
La campagne peint…

La neige qui fond
Évoque des nuits
Noires comme un puits
Où l’eau pure au fond

Repose invisible –
Et maintes rigoles
Par leurs chants consolent
Les coeurs trop sensibles.

Quand vous étreindrai-je…
Vous que j’aime tant,
Partis au printemps
Comme part la neige?

Du long hiver noir
De votre souffrance
Renaît l’espérance
D’enfin vous revoir.

*    *    *

Nanjing Road

Sitting in a Hangzhou hotel lobby
Listening to Christmas music
As a late March drizzle falls
On grey streets and brown faces with black hair and eyes
It’s hard to know what’s more out of place
Silent Night or me
Although a Chinese child did smile at me in the Shanghai station this morning
While I was waiting for the train
And took my outstretched finger in his small hand
When his mother told him it was okay

Later listening to Buddhist monks
Paid to go through the paces
With chants and incense in the air
I wonder really what is the difference
Humans searching to avoid
Quickly passing without a trace
And in the process making things of beauty
That future generations will decide to break
Or consume on all-inclusive tours
In between sprees of giddy shopping in the local fashion districts…

In the meantime there remains
One unavoidable remembrance:
A lame woman in a stairwell on the Bund
Leading to the Bank of China
A face like Quasimodo
Looking out upon the flood of people
Descending in the drain below the street
Suffering from our guide’s admonitions
Words that easily rationalize
Our turning away and walking faster
So we can enjoy the hour we have
Buying things we do not need
On Nanjing Road.

*    *    *


Élève, élève-
Toi, ma pauvre âme,
Telle la sève,
Telle la flamme...

Telle une larme
Dans la paupière,
Poursuis les charmes
De la lumière.

Vise les cimes
Qui là s’effilent
Et que sublime
La main habile

Du ciel immense.
Déploie tes ailes,
Et sur l’air dense,
Danse éternelle.

*    *    *

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